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Compelling theatre with a loving heart and a loud voice!

DEATHWATCH by Alan Stockdill (2013)

Two men sit in a prison cell. In the morning, one of them faces the gallows. Fears, hopes, dreads, dreams, dying and the complex psychologies of the human mind float to the slippery surface - with humour and an added twist.

GODFREY’S LAST STAND by Alan Stockdill (2014/15)

Godfrey Shackleton has been a cricket umpire in the Yorkshire Dales league for half a century, but his big dream is to officiate an England - Australia match. His chance comes thanks to a £3.2m Lottery win, but his daughter Donna is certainly not bowled over by the turn of events. This feel-good, gentle comedy will bring laughter, a few tears - and really make the audience think about family, forgiveness, responsibilities, hopes and dreams.

 GODFREY’S LAST LOVE by Alan Stockdill (2016/17)

Retired cricket umpire and avowed socialist, Godfrey Shackleton, celebrates his Lottery win with a lads' trip to Morecambe and a beer or two. But life changes once again when he bumps into twinkly widow, Betty, who’s there on a bowling trip with Clitheroe Conservative Club. Love, loss, hope, happiness, struggles and smiles, all come together in this charming tale of finding love in the third age. But the path of romance doesn't always run smoothly. Will Betty and Godfrey triumph over adversity and bring each other the 'golden years' sunshine they both deserve?

THE LAST MEMORY by Alan Stockdill (2013/16/18/19/20)

“How can I go to heaven if I don’t know who I am?” says Ernest to his daughter Lynne when he’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. But he also has a plan: to leave a vital imprint of who he is. Lynne is to be the keeper of his memory, the guardian of their past. Join them on their journey; share their hopes, fears, smiles, strength and tears. Arrive with them as they seize the last memory and a carpe diem hope.

 GIVE A LITTLE LOVE by Alan Stockdill (2014/15)

You've gotta give a little love!

When some old school-friends meet up again after 30 years at a Bay City Rollers tribute concert it soon becomes apparent that you can take a girl from her teens but you can't take the teenager from the girl. Old tunes and old flames die hard and live again in this tale of memories and music. Laugh, cry and shang-a-lang along with Liz, Karen, Debbie and Bev - and get swept away by this entertaining, touching and revealing drama.

 DARK SKY by Alan Stockdill (2017)

There’s something in the air. The Dark Sky animal rights group are planning an audacious strike against the Sutton Life Sciences laboratory. But is everyone really who they appear to be? Who can you trust? Are they dangerous or just a hapless group of amateurs? Inspired by a true story, Dark Sky is a black comedy with more than a twist or two.


FIVE KINDS OF SILENCE by Shelagh Stephenson (2014)

Billy is dead. So why isn’t he gone? Mary and her daughters have been set free. The disturbed, abusive man who dictated their every move  lies dead in a pool of blood and the women can start to live again. Or can they? It soon becomes apparent that Billy’s legacy and deep, dark, distorted world is still very much alive.

Five Kinds of Silence is an outstanding portrayal of the twisted love of a violent man for his family and the scars of abuse that form between the women under his control. Shelagh Stephenson’s hard-hitting drama will stir strong emotions in any audience.

 LE GRAND RETURN by Alan Stockdill (2015)

It’s 1994 and the 50th anniversary of D Day looms. Tommy, Alf and Edwin are incarcerated in Coldrick Nursing Home. In spite of his ever-worsening heart condition, D Day veteran Tommy is determined to break out and rejoin his old comrades on the Normandy beaches. But how will they all get out and what will happen along the way? This gentle comedy drama is about love, remembrance, war and peace.

 GODFREY'S LAST SUMMER by Alan Stockdill (2018)


A gentle comedy drama about life, death, dreams, family and friendship.Godfrey Shackleton, international cricket umpire and famous Lottery winner, is coming to the end of his innings. Before he leaves the Middle for the very last time he needs to put his affairs in order. Join Godfrey’s journey through the tears, smiles, songs and secrets as he spends his last summer.



Compelling theatre with a loving heart and a loud voice!

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